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Hotel tel: +34 617 692 784

Restaurant tel: +34 659 476 015

Calle Luis De Armiñan 67,

29480, Andalucia, Spain

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Access & parking

Gaucín, like most of the pueblos blancos, has narrow streets which were built long before the invention of the automobile. It is not possible to park for very long near our hotel, but we do have two loading and unloading parking spots in front of La Fructuosa on the left-hand side of our one-way street. 

If you are coming from Ronda, we suggest that you enter the village at the second (south) entrance of the village, near the gas station.

Do not go to the restaurant entrance on Calle del Pino, even if a road sign tells you to do so. The entrance of the hotel is on 67 Calle Luis de Armiñan (which is sometimes, confusingly, marked on maps and on street signs as Calle Convento).

There is a doorbell at the hotel entrance so you can let us know you have arrived. Once your luggage has been unloaded, we will advise you where you can park your car close by.

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