Our menu

We make two important commitments to our guests. The first is to use only the best vegetables that are in season. For this reason, we have a partnership with our local organic food shop, Pura Vida – La Tienda Verde, which supplies us with locally grown seasonal produce. The second commitment is to offer a completely different menu each month. Mariano has proved that he is up to that challenge; last season, he came up with more than 150 different tapas for our musical evenings.


Our new menu is presented on a big blackboard in the restaurant. It features three cold starters, three warm starters, three main dishes and three desserts. Every month, we will change the menu completely.

The dishes (except for the desserts) are divided into three categories: de la huerta (or vegetarian), del mar (fish and seafood) and de los pastos (meat). The idea is for guests to choose from any of these categories, to mix and match, or pick a selection for sharing.


Below, you will find our menu of the month.

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